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A "Anadrol 50" LAUNCESTON Supreme Court judge has asked a podiatrist why he decided to examine a woman's rectum when he'd never done the procedure or trained for it.

Justice Peter Evans also asked South Launceston's Terence Williams, 40, why he did not alert the patient to his inexperience given the probe's invasive nature.

He's accused of placing his fingers into the patient's anus and touching her breasts without consent while treating her "Anadrol 50" for a sore foot in November 2011.

Yesterday Mr Williams said the woman gave implied consent'' to the probe, which was not fully carried out because he met resistance'' at the anus.

Is there any reason why . . . you hadn't told her it wasn't something you'd done before?'' Justice Evans asked.

Mr Williams said that wasn't something a medical practitioner would say to a patient.

Wouldn't you think he or she would want to know that,'' the judge asked.

Did you think she would consent if you told [her] you had no prior experience?''

Mr Williams said he didn't know.

Mr Williams detailed the previous tests he'd conducted on the woman, but which hadn't delivered a diagnosis.

The court heard he then decided to conduct an anal probe to see if the 31 year old's spine was out of alignment and causing the foot pain.

Four days earlier Mr Williams had learnt his girlfriend had been probed by a GP trying to determine the cause of her sore back, the court heard.

Mr Williams Buy Cheap Jintropin Online said that popped into my head inconveniently'' when examining the patient.

The court heard Mr Williams told the woman Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects Ftm he was going Gensci Jintropin to pop [his] finger in''.

From those "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" words she Testosterone Enanthate And Deca Durabolin was supposed to understand you were about to put your fingers in her anus?'' Crown prosecutor Virginia Jones asked.

Yes . . . she was well aware of where I was going,'' he said.

Did you check with her that she was aware of what you were doing?'' Ms Jones asked.

I didn't explain very well at all, it was rubbish I know,'' he said.

Mr Williams said he'd felt pressured to give a diagnosis to alleviate the woman's severe pain.

How did you know what you were feeling for?'' Ms Jones said.

I know what bone and spine feels like,'' he said.

Ms Jones asked why he didn't use a glove for the probe.

He said he was rushing and had been carrying out a bio mechanical assessment.

He said he realised he'd done the wrong thing when the woman's upset mother came to the clinic to complain shortly after the incident.

You couldn't actually believe you had done it,'' Ms Jones put to him.

Yes, I realised I'd exceeded my remit,'' he said.

Ms Jones asked why he apologised to his girlfriend on the telephone shortly after the incident.

Well I realised what a silly thing [it was] to do and potentially there could be a lot of trouble Trembolona O Masteron involved . . . things probably aren't going to be too rosy now,'' he said.