With Udai Rajpur - a village 15 kilometres from the city of Varanasi - as a case study, the project looked at creating an adaptable model for the upliftment of the Indian village.

Varanasi - the village

Looking at Udai Rajpur

Rural India makes up 67% of the population of India. It, then, stands to reason that villages become the focus of attention for ideas of development. With this in mind, this project took Udai Rajpur – a village that is approximately 15 kilometers from Varanasi proper – as a case study. The team conducted surveys to understand the various points of concern for the village. On the basis of this information, it was concluded that the activities must focus on improving the standard of living in the village by targeting agriculture and dairying.

Under the guidance of sector experts, the next phase of the project focused on creating a practicable model that could be implemented, and then adapted to work for villages across the country; Udai Rajpur was to become a case study for a model village.

The project also looked at creating mechanisms that would allow for an increase in the quality and quantity of milk and agriculture, such that the produce could be marketed outside the periphery of the village.